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   Welcome to the new Camp Chihowa web site. I hope you enjoy the new design, and find the layout easier to use. Please feel free to send comments to me at jason@ibelievedesign.com. Below is a list of current updates:
  • July 21, 2001: You can view cheerleader and Harley pictures under Camp 2001. You can also view cheerleader and campfire pictures under Camp 2000. Camp 99 does not currently work. More to come soon.


Road Trip 2001

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  What is MDA Summer Camp?

In simple terms it is a place where kids with Muscular Dystrophy from the ages of 6 to 21 come for one week in every year to enjoy activities they might not have a chance to participate in any other time, and have a fun time. Yet, Summer Camp is much more than that, it is place where lifelong friendships are made, a place where love and caring is genuine, a place where crime and the rest of the world are a seperate entity, a place where everyone gives, and a place where everyone is united with a common bond. It is all that and more. It is loads of fun. It is cool. It is truly fantastic. I can describe Summer Camp with as many descriptive adjectives as I like, but I would never come up with one that describes what it is like to be part of MDA Summer Camp. The word does not exist, yet the pictures do, and even though you'll never truly know what it is like until you attend, I think you can still get a great sense of that feeling by letting the pictures throughout this web site do the talking. So, please, sit back, relax, and take a trip through the many years that I have been attending MDA Summer Camp.